When you think about what happens when you lose, you know it can be hard to find your footing, let alone find your way back to true happiness. That’s exactly what we explore on every podcast episode, how to be ok, find peace, change your relationship with spirituality, loss, and death and even tap into those feelings of sparking joy again.

After my husband passed away, I heard a song that focused on the lyric, “Love like there’s no such thing as a broken heart,” and I thought to myself, “everyone always says stuff like that.” A moment later, I wondered what the world would be like if the lyrics were taken literally. Not just that my heart hadn’t been broken, but that broken hearts simply didn’t exist. As I focused there, I felt something begin to shift inside my very soul.

My years as a Spiritual Health Coach, combined with exceptional spiritual practices and guides, have made my experience accessing that spark infinitely easier. In this podcast, I interview practitioners and coaches who can help you find your way after a loss. They are people who have walked that walk themselves and can tell their story of the windy road that leads back to peace, love, and even joyous happiness.

Each week you may find guidance and inspiration to walk through your own grief or trauma and take back the reins of your own life. Identifying and achieving your desired emotional state is a skill you can learn even though you might feel like you can’t control anything after a loss or trauma. It’s normal to feel like everything is simply… backward. With the proper instruction and teaching, you can learn how to find control again in your life and get back to where you want to be.

Each of these podcast episodes introduces you to new perspectives and new options for how you may find better success in beginning the journey of learning to laugh and play again. Listen to all of them or select the ones you want to listen to in whatever order works for you.

We’ll reach for achieving more inner peace and
allowing the uplifted version of yourself to surface together.

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DONNALYNN RILEY, Spiritual Health Coach

What Would Happened

If You Could Feel Uplifted Now?

Feeling the aftermath of grief over and over has a huge impact on every aspect of your life. After the initial grieving period has passed, grief often lingers. Every time you get hit with the anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness, and debilitating sadness, your work attendance and productivity are impacted. How many birthday parties, anniversaries, or Mother’s Days are you going to miss before you take action on finding another way to move forward?

If this is where you are, and you want to experience a full and graceful life again, contacting Donnalynn for one-on-one coaching may be the answer you have been hoping for. Book your FREE Breakthrough Session and discover what is on the other side of your grief.