Julie Browne

Episode 2237:

How What You Eat Helps You Deal
With Anxiety Feelings

Have you felt that uncomfortable fluttering feeling in your stomach or even your whole body? Anxiety can run amuck in our bodies, whether there was a traumatic event or it comes on gradually. As if your body is telling you that things are not okay, emotionally and physically?

Our special guest, Julie Browne, is a personal growth expert who works to assist others in recognizing and improving personal awareness. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how a macrobiotic diet can impact your body’s natural response, including how we deal with anxiety and emotional feelings overall. We’re connecting with Julie to talk about what it means to create a different relationship with your body through food choices and combinations.

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More About

Julie Browne:

Julie Browne, founder of Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute is a personal growth expert helping those leveling up experience more pleasure and wellbeing. With 32 years of managing her own health challenges with macrobiotics, she’s enjoyed kid-like energy while having brilliant mental focus!

Julie’s podcast, Bold Becoming, helps people in identity crises overcome their fears by giving them hope and optimism. Her Tough Stories Workshop teaches listeners how to feel better about the most painful life events they have experienced while coaching those seeking excellence to reach new levels of success with her book Masters Of Change, which explores this intersection between loss or transformation both personally as well as professionally.


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