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Episode 2221C: Finding Your Financial Independence After a Loss

Loss can be emotionally devastating. Not to mention, the helplessness that can ensue when losing a loved one’s financial support?

Our special guest, Matt Ruttenberg, is a financial entrepreneur who works to assist others in developing their financial independence before and after a loss so that the light at the end of the tunnel is clear sky. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how to recover from the financial impact often felt after losing someone close to you, including spouses, children, and other relatives. We’re connecting with Matt to talk about what it means to achieve and maintain financial independence after this kind of life-changing experience.

Please watch and listen for incredible insight into the world of financial independence with Matt. Get to know him and his work by visiting these resources:


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More About

Matt Ruttenberg:

Matt is a financial entrepreneur for the FI community (Financial Independence) and Founder of SureLI Insurance & CMO/Shareholder of Life, Inc. Retirement Services.  He is a 3rd generation financial expert who sold his financial planning practice to focus on building a lifestyle of time, location, and financial independence.


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