Charmaine Fuller

Episode: How to Recover When
Your Teenager Dies

Your whole world feels like it falls apart when your child dies. Their whole life was ahead of them, and it seems like it's just not part of the natural order of things. How do you even begin to move on after your teen is gone? How do you deal with that kind of heartache?

Our special guest, Charmaine, is a mentor, advocate life strategist for neurodiverse moms.  She gives tips and ways to help make your life seem less stressed and priorities what really matters to her clients. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how to move on by rediscovering balance in your life after the loss of a teenager. We’re connecting with Charmaine to talk about what it means to go through this kind of life-changing experience and be able to come out of the other side.

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More About

Charmaine Fuller:

Charmaine is a Life Strategist with The Charmed Life and guides entrepreneurial moms of color with special needs children. She helps them achieve more time, energy, and focus in their personal lives while also supporting other parents going through similar situations at home or work. She also provides support for special needs parents through mentorship programs and coaching to help them succeed on this challenging journey called Motherhood.


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