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Episode 2240:


do you ever feel spiritually disconNected?

We tend to build up walls when we hear the word “spirituality” As if there’s a thread that separates  spiritual life and real life. When spirituality feels unattainable, we seldom choose to recognize it. Instead, we neglect its potential to transform us into a better version of ourselves. Our special guest, Brandon Handley, tells us that spirituality is available and accessible to us and that it will always be part of our being. 

Please get in tune with us as we discover practical lessons on how we can integrate them into our daily lives.

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More About

Brandon Handley

Handley initially developed his coaching career by pursuing three life coaching certifications along with certifications from Champlain College in Appreciative Inquiry and in-depth studies of Motivational Inquiry as certifications in NLP & Cognitive Behavior Therapy, all in order to deliver his clients powerful, transformational experiences.

Concurrent with serving clients, he had an awakening experience, which drastically shifted his focus from being a life coach to becoming a Transformational Coach.

He now guides people to prepare for their own awakening experience and convert their experience into purpose, meaning, and ultimately vision. Through his platform, Spiritual Dope, he shares practical applications, theories, and stories as they relate to spirituality, the law of attraction, and coaching tools so that his listeners are empowered to take action.

On the Spiritual Dope podcast, Brandon interviews others who are leading with their spirituality and finding that their lives are filled with more joy, fulfillment and steeped with purpose. Listeners of Spiritual Dope can hear from various sources and potentially be inspired to lead their own lives in a spiritually forward way.


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