Episode 2308:


Do You Feel Like It's Hard To Get Back To Your Desired Energy Level?

When the thought of your to-do list feels overwhelming and you’re struggling to balance the demands of work, home, and personal life – You may be experiencing burnout. Often, it steals your productivity, joy,  and happiness. Is there a way to escape it? How can you reclaim your energy and vitality over burnout? How can you take care of yourself without feeling guilty and selfish?

To help us answer these questions, please listen and watch today’s podcast as our guest, Avery Thatcher, CEO and founder of The Truth About Burnout Podcast and the Flow State Membership, shares her journey in fighting burnout and discovering the secrets to reignite your spark and find joy in your most mundane moments.

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Avery Thatcher

Avery Thatcher is the CEO and founder of The Truth About Burnout Podcast and the Flow State Membership. When she started her career as a Registered Nurse working in the ICU she noticed that the majority of the reasons people found themselves in the ICU were because of illnesses and diseases that could be linked to chronic stress. She decided to get out of the reactive side of medicine and now helps highly sensitive high achievers prevent burnout and reverse the negative health effects of stress. After experiencing a significant change of health and severe burnout in 2018, Avery had to learn to redefine her identity and grieve the loss of who she used to be. Now she shares her story openly to help others realize that they are not alone in their struggles, and talk about the strategies that helped her heal along the way.


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