Eric John Bauberger

Understanding The Intelligence Of Emotions

What does it mean to understand the intelligence of emotions?
Where do they come from? How do they work?

Our special guest, Eric Bauberger, explores what understanding means when it comes to how and why we feel the things we do. It’s about being compassionate towards ourselves and others and recognizing that our emotions are valid and deserve to be respected. He encourages acknowledging the power of our emotions and using that power to create positive change in our lives.

Please watch and listen for an amazing explanation of emotional intelligence with Eric. Get to know him and his work by visiting these resources:

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More About

Eric John Bauberger:

Eric has always been passionate about helping others achieve their highest potential. He guides self-aware individuals to tune their minds and bodies to create ease and flow towards what they desire most while teaching those looking for purposeful change how to get out of their own way so that all aspects can align with the desired outcome.

His life was forever changed after his sister, Jessica Lubrano, died suddenly from an overdose. He experienced firsthand what it meant to have a healthy mindset and emotional fitness when he responded non-judgmentally during this traumatic time in 2018. 

As a result, he became certified as Holistic Life Coach and Motivational Singer-Songwriter, Mastery Method Certified, and Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist. Most importantly, Eric now teaches others how they can create peace within themselves by tuning out all distractions so that their true selves show up fully every day!


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