Nancy Candea

Episode 2224: How to Know When
to Reinvent Yourself

Have you felt like something was missing? As if there was a part of life that you knew should be there but simply wasn’t?

Our special guest, Nancy Candea, is a yoga therapist who works to assist others in recognizing when it is time to reinvent themselves and how to find the truth of who they are meant to be. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how to listen to your body through mindfulness and meditation to connect with your inner self. We’re connecting with Nancy to chat about what it means to reinvent yourself to become the best version of who you can become.

Please watch and listen for an extraordinary experience of what it means to reinvent who you are with Nancy Candea. Get to know more about her by visiting these resources:

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More About

Nancy Candea:

Nancy Candea is a yoga therapist and author who helps women find peace with their past and accept themselves as they are now for what’s to come in the future. She specializes in trauma recovery therapies such as yoga therapy which she uses because it allows people from all walks of life an opportunity at healing without judgment or shame – something we can’t fund but deserve just like any other person would need medical treatment! Check out Nancy’s courses for more information!


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