Hi friend,




Life is full of loss and trauma. 
Learning to be


is a great way to feel more like you are riding the wave.

I have been teaching these methods for many years but…
The truth is I had no idea just what kind of CRAZY SH*T I could go through. The techniques that I teach carried me through my husband being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, our struggle to keep him alive, and watching his life slip away like sand through my hands. 

That’s not even the end of it…

 Being awoken by his voice telling me to take him off life-support on our 25th wedding anniversary, having our house sell 4 days after his passing and having 6 weeks say goodbye to the life I had known while moving out of our 4000 sq. foot bed & breakfast.

This tornado of events taught me that I had better 

dig deep,

But then, I used this opportunity to

 Unleash my calling.

How I'm here to serve

This box serves as a placeholder for exactly who you’re here to help. Goes into deeper on your calling and transformation. Get into specifics to call your ideal client out. 

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No matter what loss you have sustained, moving forward and finding a new relationship with spirituality, the spiritual world, and your lost loved one can have an amazing impact on your life.

I look forward to spending a half-hour or so together over coffee (or whatever you like!) to learn how to tune-up no matter what life has thrown at you. 

Donnalynn Riley is a Spiritual Health Coach who is trained in Quantum Biofeedback, Myofascial Release for Emotional Trauma, Gyan Yoga, Mediation, as well as proper usage of herbs, spices, essential oils and crystals.

There are few things in this world she hasn’t been through…

From walking through trauma and difficulty like experiencing her grandmother’s dementia, to helping her husband heal from a tumor in his brain cavity, to being a witness and participant in a family broken from a suicide, losing grandparents, parents, pets, and even the more recent loss of her best friend and eternal love, while living a life filled with experiences of clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. She has walked through it all.

…so it’s easy to know which tool will work best under a variety of circumstances and emotional conditions.

Her current programs focus on smoothing and facilitating the energetic transformation sparked by the loss of a loved one. Her clients often start in a feeling state of depression, lackluster, anxiety, insomnia, trouble sleeping and functioning to their normal abilities. They sometimes struggle with clutter, feeling disorganized, feeling like they are not good enough, heart ache, inability to “push through” to make themselves do normal self care like exercise and healthful meal planning.

Once we work with the energetics of change, they experience great changes in the physical and energetic body, mnd, spirit, and physical spaces (home, work), reaching for peaceful feelings and deep connection to self, spirit and beyond the veil