Kellina Powell

Episode 2230:

Using All Your Senses During the Grieving Process, Even When You Are Deaf

Have you felt completely powerless after the loss of a loved one?
As if you just couldn’t find a way to ground yourself or find peace?

Our special guest, Kellina Powell, also known as the “Deaf Queen Boss,” is an entrepreneur who loves to help people and educate others about her community. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how to go through your journey of the grieving process using all of your senses, even if you’re deaf. You’ll also find some great information about how to help someone you know who might be deaf. We’re connecting with Kellina to talk about what it means to use your senses to help you get through the grieving process to find peace on the other side.

Please watch and listen for incredible insight into the deaf community from Kellina. You can also get to know her and her work by visiting these resources:

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More About

Kellina Powell:

Kellina Powell, also known as the “Deaf Queen Boss,” is a young entrepreneur who loves to help people with their personal growth and educate others about the deaf community.

Little do people know Kellina is actually a hard of hearing person. She became deaf at the age of 4. She recently graduated with a psychology degree and is now starting her own online coaching business. She recently published a book, Everyday I Am Just Deaf: Life in a Hearing World with Deaf Queen Boss. You can find it on Amazon.

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