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Where Are You On The Roadmap To Joy?

Finding and nurturing joy in your life can feel like a treasure hunt sometimes. In fact, one of the best ways to think of the emotions is as if they are geographical. The town of Anger borders on the towns of Irritation and Frustration but you have to travel quite a ways to get to the towns of Playfulness, Bliss and Joy.


This same roadmap idea is really helpful for finding out what your set point or your “home town” is on that emotional map. This assessment (masquerading as a fun quiz) will help you find that answer so you can get real about where you are and get directions to where you’d like to be.


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I'm Donnalynn Riley.

I’m really glad you’re here. The fact that you found me now is an indicator that you are ready for deep transformation. 

I work with people along the spectrum moving out of anxiety and sleeplessness through true transformation to finding a small spark that can open the doors to joyousness.

Are you ready for change? Ready to make the leap to find the joy that you may have damped down or lost along the way?

This is your moment to reclaim it. 

Grab a spot on my calendar for a FREE BREAKTHROUGH call if you are ready to reclaim yourself.

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